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GBL C&C has been a leading supplier of designer of cosmetic packaging components and color cosmetic OEM manufacturing since 1995. We have been rated number one in the industry for our exceptional selection, creativity, service and prices. With a huge selection of make up color and packaging component available.

The quality control department is principally oriented to sustain and enhance product quality by applying modern scientific principles. It is, however, our understanding that product quality alone cannot be substantially increased without widespread improvement in related managerial fields. Thus we practice not only quality control which targets a perfect product, but we also undertake general employee maintenance across the board - this covers marketing, planning, development, general affairs, accounting and other non-manufacturing departments. This concept of composite quality control is widely adopted in the construction, finance, distribution, and service sectors as well as in manufacturing fields; the United States in particular is an active participant in the implementation of this concept, even as it expands this system into a Total Quality Management (TQM) protocol. It is GBL C&C Industry's professional committment to provide our client with a perfect quality product through unit inspections of production samples, an application of vacuum testing and heat-resistance testing (and the utilization of other precision measuring instruments) as well as the practice of TQM.

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