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GBL C&C has been a leading supplier of designer of cosmetic packaging components and color cosmetic OEM manufacturing since 1995. We have been rated number one in the industry for our exceptional selection, creativity, service and prices. With a huge selection of make up color and packaging component available.

Successful cosmetics packaging is realized through an accurate product design. GBL C&C Industry operates a product and mold design department formulated to do its best in the design sector - a corporate wing essential in coping with an ever-decreasing product life-cycle. A fine-tuned design facilitated by CAD technology continues into the mold production, where our engineers - with comprehensive experience and know-how in the product and mold design fields - are rapidly meeting the client's needs while developing advanced techniques of application.

A mold is a frame containing the precise dimensions of product, which serves to manufacture a mass volume of identical products. Accurate molds simply cannot be cast without precise technical capability, so we at GBL C&C Industry have put forth all our energy into assuring a solid product quality with our top-of-the-line mold manufacturing facilities. This includes a milling machine, lathe, discharging machine and grinder, and experts who possess a superior artisanship. In addition we strive to perfect products which will represent our clients' names with justice, through continual R&D activity.

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