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GBL C&C has been a leading supplier of designer of cosmetic packaging components and color cosmetic OEM manufacturing since 1995. We have been rated number one in the industry for our exceptional selection, creativity, service and prices. With a huge selection of make up color and packaging component available.

Unit production volume may be variable, dependent upon the consumer's individual needs and competitive marketing conditions, but always investment for design plays a core role in the industrial process. GBL C&C its own design department to reflect the crucial importance of design on practical works, and is hence trying to enhance the value-added nature of its products by creating an elegant image. With the creation of an independent image to break the OEM framework, we are leading a delicate market as we maintain a solid capability to execute any client's design. Encouragement of employee motivation is a top priority, as design will always decide whether one wins or loses in the world of cosmetics.
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